Category: PTFE Tubing
Product Code: Teflon /PTFE Tubing
Teflon /PTFE Tubing
Description: PTFE is polytetrafluoroethylene and is available in many grades for a wide range of applications. Products are fabricated from PTFE resin using ram extrusion, molding (for granular resin), and paste extrusion and calendaring techniques (for fine-powder resin), dispersion coating (dispersion based resin).
  • PTFE tubing does not contain processing aids that intended as part of the final product.
  • External fillers for PTFE tubing may consist of materials such as carbon, boron-nitride, bronze, glass etc., to provide specific performance features such as thermal or electrical conductivity, improved abrasion or cut through resistance
  • Extremely high lubricity, thus low coefficient of friction compared to other materials
  • PTFE is non-stick and non-wetting (hydrophobic), low surface tension with water
  • Excellent dielectric and electrical insulation characteristics
  • Exceptional chemical inertness
  • Upper temperature use limit for PTFE is +500°F (+260°C) under non-stress conditions
  • Suitable for cryogenic conditions. PTFE resins remain strong and tough down to -320°F (-96°C); the boiling point of liquid nitrogen. Several sources have reported some ductility at -450°F (-268°C). For details on cryogenic behavior and properties, please contact Fluorotherm
  • Low extractables
  • PTFE is FDA approved resin
  • PTFE has UL 94 VO rating for flame resistance, does not burn
  • Autoclave and ETO sterilizable
  • PTFE resin is USP Class VI approved
  • PTFE tubing is easily purged and cleaned
  • Tubing made of PTFE fine powder resin is clear at wall thicknesses of less than 0.020” (0.5 mm) and translucent with reasonably good visibility at higher wall thicknesses
  • The chemical inertness and UV resistant characteristics of PTFE leads to excellent weathering and aging properties even under aggressive conditions
  • PTFE is adversely affected by ionizing (electron beam) irradiation; in fact irradiation is used to produce some useful products

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